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Player Spotlight: Alissa

by Lady Devils Blog

Posted on October 20, 2017

Name: Alissa

Grade: Sophomore

Position: Guard


Favorite Quote:  “I can accept failure, but what I cannot accept is not trying”

Team Goal for the 2017-2018 Season: “My team goal is to keep everyone on task and not to have any attitude, work together as a team or family. To make sure you have fun while doing it and be willing to learn from your teammates.”

Personal Goal for 2017-2018 Season: “ My personal goal is to make myself a better person and player. I will have to stay positive and receive or give help when needed. I also want to become a leader to show that nayone can do it and set the right example, but have fun while doing it.”

Plans for when I graduate: “After I graduate I plan on going to college but I don’t know what for yet. “

A Piece of Advice for Someone Coming up in the Program: ” A piece of advice to someone would be to stay positive and don’t get pverwhelmed when something doesn’t go your way. Be willing to learn from others and accept challenges that come your way because it will make you better. Learn from others.”

Favorite Memory: “ My favorite memory from basketball was when the whole team was singing on the bus together and everyone was singing and dancing and acting like we were a family. Things I will miss the most are the people that leave every year because they were always there and we all do everything together. They were the ones that taught us things. I don’t like that now that we’ll be separated we will barely see each other again.”